What is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist?

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) are the food and nutrition experts who translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living. RDNs have a bachelor degree or higher, pass a national exam and satisfy continuing education metrics.

What is the initial session like?  Will the dietitian provide me with a meal plan?

All of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) have master’s degrees with extensive training and experience.  When we say nutrition therapist we are talking about someone who provides medical nutrition therapy. We work in a counseling style* that fosters growth and change in a progressive manner.  Your initial session is a conversation in which together we explore how you think and feel about food, physical activity, your body, medical concerns, family history, stress levels, sleep and overall health.  We listen to what you want from our work together, and from here create a plan uniquely for you. A meal plan may very well be a part of this plan, along with other options, such as grocery store or farmers market tours, cooking lessons, walk and talk sessions, or even having a supportive person in your life join one of your sessions. The plan is tailored to you.

What is the office space like?

We believe in nutrition making a difference in our everyday lives and as such we are blessed to practice in a welcoming Craftsman home—like real life. In this space we can also provide real life experience in the kitchen and at the table.

How often do people usually need nutrition therapy? How long?

The frequency of nutrition therapy sessions is dependent upon what the nutrition therapist recommends. You two will discuss this at the end of your first session. It’s common to meet weekly for a handful of sessions with the goal being to increase time between each session eventually.

Can I see somebody even though I don’t have a medical problem?

Yes, absolutely. There are many different reasons to see a nutrition therapist that do not include a medical diagnosis. Perhaps you want to protect the health you have or want more vitality in your life. When you call and speak with our intake coordinator, she will place you with a dietitian based on your reason for calling our office.

*How does seeing a nutrition therapist work with my other practitioners? Would I keep seeing my therapist/psychiatrist while getting nutrition therapy? 

Nutrition therapy is not the same as psychotherapy or pharmacotherapy.  Even though we pay attention to emotions and beliefs that impact your health and well being, we are not trained in processing these with you in a therapeutic manner.  In fact, we find that being in communication with your healthcare providers (whose care is related to your nutrition and fitness goals) provides the best care for you.  This can only be done with your expressed written permission.

Do you accept insurance?

As a private practice, we are not in network with any insurance companies. If you are seeking nutrition therapy for a diagnosed medical condition we can provide you with a superbill at the end of each month. The superbill will include nutrition therapy procedure codes, your diagnosis codes, itemized sessions for that month with a total of what you paid out of pocket. You then send that to your insurance company and if they do reimburse, they will send you a reimbursement check directly.  We can provide you with some resources to help with this process.